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Privacy Policy

In faresfactory, we respect the privacy of customers and that is why we make every effort to protect the data collected from users of this website. We are grateful to our clients for believing in us. In the following sections, we provide full details of the privacy policy of our website. After reviewing our privacy policy, you will know what data we collect, how we collect it, what we do with the data collected, how your data is protected with us and what right you have over your data.

Users are advised to read the privacy policy before using our website. If you do not agree with any section of the website, you must stop accessing our website. As this privacy policy is for each and every user of this website, also anyone who is using the website and believes that they agree with the privacy policy of this website. & Nbsp; You can contact our customer service in case you need any clarification on any section of the privacy policy.

This Privacy Policy does not apply to any third-party websites, mobile sites and mobile applications, even if your websites / products are linked to our website. The user must keep in mind that the information and privacy practices of business partners, advertisers, sponsors or other faresfactory sites to which faresfactory provides a hyperlink may be different from this Privacy Policy. Consequently, it is recommended that you review the privacy statements and policies of those third parties whose product you intend to purchase our services.

Modification in the privacy policy

Our company reserves the right to make changes to the privacy policy at any time without prior notice. It is the user's duty to read the privacy policy before using the website. However, if you are accessing our website, we believe that you agree with the updated privacy policy. In case you do not agree with the modification made in the privacy policy, you must stop accessing our website for any reason. No one, apart from the officials of faresfactory, has the right to modify the privacy policy mentioned on our website.

Types of information we collect

We collect different types of user data, both manually and automatically. Most of the personal data we collect is provided manually by the user, while the other information can be manual or automatic.

Personal data we collect:

  • & # 8226; Name, sex, age and date of birth
  • & # 8226; Contact information, such as address, email and mobile phone number
  • & # 8226; Country of residence
  • & # 8226; Credit card details
  • & # 8226; Passport number and amp; frequent flyer number (where necessary)
  • & # 8226; Details on how you use our products and services
  • & # 8226; IP address, browser type and language, your access times
  • & # 8226; Information on any complaint you make
  • & # 8226; Recording phone calls to our representatives
  • & # 8226; Details of how you like to interact with us and other similar information

Other information we collect:
  • & # 8226; Google Analytics, Facebook ad conversion tracking, Google Tag Manager
  • & # 8226; cookies
  • & # 8226; Unique device identifiers for advertising
  • & # 8226; Browser information
  • & # 8226; Your network service provider

How do we collect the data?

We collect user data through several methods:

Direct collection: in this method, users provide the data by filling out a form, most of the time when registering for a user account. In addition, when making a reservation, the user must provide certain personal information about travelers. In addition, users must provide personal data when they contact our customer service.

Indirect method: We use some programs and applications, which are legal according to the law, to collect data from your computer. In this method, we generally do not request your consent while we collect the data. Your visit to our website is sufficient for us to believe that you agree with our data collection policy.

How do we use the information collected?

We use the data collected from the user for the following purpose:

  • & # 8226; To provide the services reserved by users
  • & # 8226; To process the payment gateway
  • & # 8226; To contact you in case of emergency
  • & # 8226; To send you the details of your reservation
  • & # 8226; To do marketing based on your interest
  • & # 8226; To improve our website
  • & # 8226; To make the website more personalized for users

Share your data

We do not share any information with third-party websites or for commercial purposes. The following are the scenarios in which data can be shared or transferred:

  • & # 8226; The information is naturally shared with the third-party website whose links are provided on our website. However, they have their own privacy policy and are free to use the data according to their privacy policy terms.
  • & # 8226; We share the information with our affiliates, the parent company, the business partner and the subsidiaries with whom we jointly provide the services.
  • & # 8226; The data is also shared with the service provider with whom we work in consolidation, such as airlines
  • & # 8226; We also share personal information with operators of surveys, sweepstakes, contests and similar promotions.

Your data protection right

As the owner of the data, you have a right to the data we have collected from you. The following are the details about the right you have over your data:

  • & # 8226; You have the right not to provide any of the requested information, but it may cause you to have limited or no access to our website.
  • & # 8226; Users who have provided the data can even request that they be removed from our collection.
  • & # 8226; You can request to correct the data if you believe we have incorrect information about you.
  • & # 8226; The user can even request to temporarily restrict the processing of our personal data if he wants us to correct the data instead of deleting it.
  • & # 8226; You have the right to withdraw the consent you have given us in relation to the use of your personal data

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